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Schiedam helps you save energy at no cost!

The price of energy is high. Many people struggle to pay their energy bill as a result. In Schiedam, you can turn to Energiehulp. This service helps you to make your home more energy-efficient free of charge. Fast and easy. After your appointment with Energiehulp, you will start saving money right away.

How does it work?


Make an appointment
You can send us an email, a WhatsApp message or give us a call. Click on the yellow button to make an appointment.


We will contact you

We will confirm your appointment within 48 hours. Energiehulp will visit you when it suits you.


Energiehulp visits you
Energiehulp will install energy-saving materials at your home free of charge. They include LED lamps, draught excluders and radiator foil. We will also give you tips to save energy. You immediately save energy after the visit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you live in a poorly insulated house? Having trouble paying the energy bills? Or do you have difficulty getting around? There are various reasons for contacting Energiehulp. Whatever your reason, we’re happy to help!

Yes, a visit by Energiehulp is entirely free and you won’t commit to anything.

The people of Energiehulp speak Dutch and English. It’s no problem if you don’t speak this language. We’ll use a translation app, for example. 

Make a free appointment

Choose how you wish to contact us.The people of Energiehulp speak Dutch, but it’s no problem if you don’t.
Call or WhatsApp
Give us a call or WhatsApp us at +31 (0)6 23 22 61 71. If we don’t answer your call, leave a message and we’ll call or WhatsApp you as soon as possible.
You can also send us an email to schedule an appointment. We always reply within two business days.

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The benefits listed

Energiehulp is free
Energiehulp makes your home more energy efficient
You immediately save energy after the visit